The Youth Red Cross at SEA College of Science, Commerce, and Arts is a dynamic and compassionate group dedicated to fostering a culture of humanitarian values among students. This vibrant chapter is part of the broader Red Cross movement, which emphasizes the importance of health, service, and friendship. Members of the Youth Red Cross at SEA College under the leadership of Mr. Manjunath along with the guidance of the Principal and Committee members engage in a wide array of activities, including organizing blood donation camps, health awareness programs, dry ration distribution and first aid training sessions, aiming to make a significant impact on both the college and the surrounding community.
The group operates on principles that encourage personal development and leadership through voluntary service, promoting an environment where students can learn the importance of empathy, social responsibility, and global citizenship. By participating in disaster preparedness and response initiatives, the Youth Red Cross members are not only prepared to act in times of need but also become advocates for peace and understanding in diverse settings.
The Youth Red Cross at SEA College serves as a testament to the power of youth engagement in addressing societal challenges. It provides a platform for students to contribute meaningfully to the welfare of others while developing their own skills and understanding of humanitarian issues. This initiative is a shining example of how collective action can create positive change, echoing the college’s commitment to nurturing responsible and caring future leaders.

Academic Activities

  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Medical Camp
  • Eye camp
  • Road safety Awareness Camp
  • First Aid Camp


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