b.sc biotechnology

Program is to promote education and research in biotechnology and provide academic and professional excellence for immediate productivity in industrial, governmental, or clinical settings for an ultimate benefit of society and environment.


  • Maintain a fully functional Biotechnology Centre that would address developmental issues in the following core areas; Animal Biotechnology, Agro-Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Molecular Biology and Microbiology.
  • Provide facilities for teaching, research and training in the field of Biotechnology to students in areas including biocatalyst, enzymes, antibiotics, natural product, metabolic engineering, bio-fertilizer etc.,
  • Provide training to personnel in public and private sectors towards the application of science and engineering principles to processing, development, design and analysis of compounds/materials useful to agriculture, healthcare and environment.
  • Facilitate collaboration and participation with relevant scientists from across the world.
  • Establish linkages in the area of research with relevant bodies, agencies and institutions.

Future opportunities

  • Biomedical Engineer

  • Biochemist

  • Food safety officer 

  • Clinical Technician

  • Microbiologist

  • Process Development Scientist

  • Biomanufacturing Specialist

  • Business Development Manager

  • Product Strategist

  • Biopharma Sales Representative

  • Biotechnology instructor 

  • Biotechnological Technician

  • Quality controler 

  • Microbiologist

  • Medical and Clinical Lab Technologist

  • Biomanufacturing Specialist

  • Bioproduction Specialist

  • R&D Scientist

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