Equipping the students with relevant and conceptualized professional skills and guiding them towards a bright future and career all around the world with the values of – Sincerity, Hard Work, and Justice.


To achieve 100% placement for students through dedication, attitude and complete involvement is our mission. Training and Placement Cell arranges and coordinates various programs that aim at moulding the students so as to meet the industry expectations in career building and in turn bring laurels to the parent institution. The Training and Placement Cell, guided by a set of rules and principles, strives to maintain good relationships with industries. Preparing the recruitment schedule for the year, inviting corporations for pre-placement talks on the campus followed by final placements, and overseeing the process to its end, is the responsibility of the Training and Placement Cell. The Cell endeavors to carry out successfully all the processes methodically throughout the year.


Objectives of Training & Placements

  • To provide career guidance about avenues open after graduation.  For Higher education, placements, or entrepreneurship
  • To provide recruitment to students.
  • To provide exposure to Degree pursuing students.
  • To have good relations with the recruiters.
  • Managing Recruiter’s correspondence and feedback.
  • Organizing Pre- Placement Training for the students.
  • Providing Training & Placement process awareness to first-year students.
  • Planning and organizing various Placement drives on campus.
  • Finding, informing, and managing Pool Placements drives.
  • To build the bridge between industry and academia.


.   To enhance the employability skills among the students to meet corporate expectations.

.   To improve the industry–institute relationships

.  To place all the students in the prospective IT & Management Companies

.  To enhance the student’s interest in entrepreneurship and business strategies.

2022 – 2023  251
 2021 – 2022  192
 2020 – 2021  143
 2019 – 2020  94
 2018 – 2019 105 
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