Swayam is the platform for online and advanced self-learning initiated and started by the Government of India. It is the best way and the biggest effort for self-study by the public sector initiative. The instructors for each course are from reputed institutions like IIT Bombay, IIT Kanpur, IIM Bangalore, etc. 

SEA College of Science, Commerce, and Arts has been registered under SWAYAM NPTEL local chapter. We are a part of Swayam since 8th Feb 2022 with a local chapter ID (LC ID): 4748, Mrs. SHRUTHI SK is the SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) of SWAYAM for our institution. We are encouraging the students to avail of SWAYAM courses by assisting them with registration, choosing the course, and enrollment. This opportunity helps the students to explore various courses of their choice and subjects of their interests which can make them specialized in the particular field. 

 Since February 2022,a total 70 students have registered under our guidance and many of them have completed their courses successfully. 

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SPOC (Single Point of Contact)

LC ID: 4748

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