Criminologists study data about crimes, arrests, and convictions, with a major focus on finding patterns among criminals and trends in crime. The ultimate goal of criminologists is to find ways to predict, deter, and prevent future crimes and criminal behavior.


  • Understand the different social problems in India, their causes, which leads to crimes,
  • Criminality and social disorder.
  • Explain the various forms of women and child related issues, crimes and their related laws.
  • Understand about alcoholism and drugs leads to social disorganization and crimes.
  • Explain about the corruption and terrorism and their impact on society with related laws.
  • To prevent the occurrence of crime. 
  • To punish the transgressors and the criminals.


  • Criminologist
  • Crime Analyst
  • Criminology professor
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • Criminal lawyer
  • Digital Forensic Analyst
  • Fraud Analyst


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