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The Research Cell was established in 2019 to promote, monitor and address research activities at S.E.A College of Science, Commerce and Arts, Bangalore. The objective of the Cell is to monitor and administer Research programs for faculty and students and encourage them to have a rational approach in their academic activities. The cell also focuses on research activities by providing the necessary infrastructural setup to faculty and students at large including reputed journals and encyclopedias in the library, well-equipped computer labs etc.


  • To create and promote a culture of research among the faculty and staff. 
  • To organize various workshops/ seminars/ trainings related to the promotion of research.
  • To enhance the research output of the institute by research paper publication in referred journals and reputed conferences.
  • To publish research material in appropriate media and make available such published information to the end users.
  • To keep track and record publications made by the faculty.
  • To publish an ISSN/referred research journal and motivate the faculty members and students to write more papers.
  • To assist institutions in improving the teaching-learning environment with the help of Action Research
  • The institution has already got 2f and submitted the file to UGC for 12b confirmation. Once the status of 12b is established, the research cell will look forward to taking on research projects


  • The faculty members have participated and presented papers at national and international conferences.
  • Faculty members have published research papers in Journals of high-impact factors.
  • The faculty members have published learning materials and books.


  • Dr. Muthe Gowda T.N Principal  Department of Kannada



  • Research Cell is actively involved in the publication and trying to publish our own college journal.
  • Research Cell organized several orientation programs and workshops on topics like -Research Methodology, how to write a paper in the UGC care list journal, Research tool-its construction and standardization, data analysis and interpretation, etc. for PG students, research scholars, and teachers.
  • Various training programs have been organized for PG  students and teachers such as online assessment tools, conducting, and managing online resources etc.
  • The Cell is continuously working in the direction of promoting the research culture among the different stakeholders. 


  • Dr. Raji S Vice Principal Department of Commerce
  • Dr. Chowdappa Assistant Professor, Department of Economics
  • Dr. Priya Assistant Professor, Department of Hindi
  • Dr. Raaga Jyothi, Assistant Professor, Department of Management
  • Dr. Rekha Mehta, Assistant Professor, Department of Management
  • Dr. Swathi V, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce.
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