M.Sc. Organic Chemistry


Master of Science in Organic Chemistry or MSc Chemistry is a two-year long postgraduate course. It involves the scientific study of the structure, composition, properties, reactions, and arrangements of carbon-based organic Compounds.



  • To impart an advance level theoretical and practical knowledge in the major fields of
  • Inorganic, organic, physical, analytical, material and computational chemistry.
  • To engaged in research projects for gaining wide spectrum of subject knowledge and Research experience.
  • To focused on skill enhancement in the core chemistry with practical expert hands which
  • Will make students employable in academia and industries.
  • To make responsible citizen to serve the nation.


  1. Agrochemical Companies
  2. Metallurgical Companies
  3. Medical Colleges & Universities
  4. Petrochemical Companies
  5. Pharmaceutical Companies
  6. Plastic and Polymer Companies
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