Bachelor of Commerce

To facilitate the students acquire adequate knowledge in the field of accounting and management  and make them job ready


  • To give insights into the areas of accounting, Finance, Taxation, Marketing ,Human resource and the new development in business management.
  • To prepare students for professions in the field of accounting and finance and the latest developments relating to accounting and finance.
  • To develop global middle level managers to address and solve the real time operations issues with the latest developments in the field of accounting and finance.
  • To develop committed managers with ethical standards and values.
  • To develop business philosophers with focus on social responsibility and ecological sustainability.

Future opportunities

  • Business Analyst for Companies,Capital Markets and Commodity markets.
  • Global middle level managers in SMES
  • To prepare for competitive exams of UPSC KPSC ,BSRB Etc.
  • To pursue higher studies like MBA, Company secretary,M.Com 
  • Account officer

Course Features

The course covers all the major areas of Finance, Business Law, Banking, Computers, Communications Skills, Personality development, Management Information Systems, Taxation, Production Management etc. In each area, topic/units are arranged in such a way that the student learns from the concepts in logical style to maintain perfect harmony and continuity. Subject advancement is made in subsequent years when the students specialize in specific areas.

Course in Brief

  • Financial Accounting
  • Principles of Management
  • Business Statistics
  • Marketing Management
  • International Business Management
  • Indian Constitution
  • Entrepreneurship Development Program


  • Accounting Group
  • Finance Group
  • Marketing Group
  • Human Resource Group
  • Insurance Group

Specialization Subjects

  • Social and Mathematics
  • Science and English


Students who have completed two-year Pre-University Course of Karnataka State or equivalent.


B.Com Degree course shall extend over a period of three academic years

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