The aim of B.A Economics course is to develop an ability to observe, to analyze and to interpret objectively and to make rational decisions and to solve problems involving Economics. The main aim is an understanding of the concepts and theories in Economics and appreciation of the applications of Economics in daily life.  


  • Students will use economic models in domestic and global contexts to analyze individual decision making, how prices and quantities are determined in product and factor markets, and macroeconomic outcomes
  • Students will analyze the performance and functioning of government, markets and institutions in the context of social and economic problems.
  • Students will think critically about economic models, evaluating their assumptions and implications.
  • Students will use data to describe the relationships among variables in order to analyze economic issues.
  • Students will communicate economic thought and analysis in both written and oral contexts to varied audiences.

Higher studies

After graduate level of Economics, students can choose post graduate level in Economics, Econometrics and Diploma in marketing and Business Economics.

Career in Government sector

  • Assistant Professor, NSO, Professional Economist, Economic Researcher, Planning commission, RBI and Banking sector, financial department, Economic advisor to government etc.
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